Congratulations to Bill May, Rose May, Bill Felker & Deb Gravelle for winning the 2013 NTBA?Teams Association Tournament. The results are official.?The team combined for a total score of 2902?(with handicap) to win the tournament. Alicia?Harris, Ralph Stubbs, Mike Illes & Chris Biamonte Jr?finished 2nd (2870 total with handicap). Finally,?Tony Craig, Carl Erickson, Chris Zolnierczyk & Glenn Edmonds?finished 3rd (2862 total with handicap). On behalf of the Niagara Tenpin Bowling Association, we would like to thank all of the bowlers for their support. Just a reminder, our next NTBA Tournament is the Dominic Biamonte Memorial Hall of Fame Tournament on Saturday, March 2nd & Sunday, March 3rd at Cataract Bowl in Niagara Falls.

Bill May, Rose May, Bill Felker & Deb Gravelle Win 2013 NTBA Teams Association Tournament (Official)