Congratulations to?Mostafa Nejatbakhsh who defeated Nick Murphy 182-177 to win the 2014 NTBA Scratch Tournament. There were a total of 65 entries with 11 people qualifying for match play. NTBA bowlers Pat Desjardins, Terry Krawec and Cody Rosa were among the qualifiers.

Match Play results as follows:

Round #1
Seed #1 – Lionel Lewis (BYE)
Pat Brick (Seed #2) defeated Russell Smith (Seed #11) 208-168
Mostafa Nejatbakhsh (Seed #10) defeated Matt Lewis (Seed #3) 224-168
Pat Donahue (Seed #4) defeated Pat Desjardins (Seed #9) 217-161
Terry Krawec (Seed #8) defeated John Chapman (Seed #5) 176-152
Nick Murphy (Seed #7) defeated Cody Rosa (Seed #6) 224-202

Round #2
Terry Krawec defeated Lionel Lewis 185-153
Nick Murphy defeated Pat Brick 233-188
Mostafa Nejatbakhsh defeated Pat Donahue 193-180

Round #3
Nick Murphy received a BYE
Mostafa Nejatbakhsh defeated Terry Krawec 218-171

Mostafa Nejatbakhsh defeated Nick Murphy 182-177

Mostafa Nejatbakhsh wins 2014 NTBA Scratch Tournament