History of the NTBA

The Men’s Association was initially chartered as the Humberstone Tenpin Bowling Association on February 18th, 1942.  On November 12th, 1952 it was changed to the Port Colborne Tenpin Bowling Association. It was then renamed to the Niagara Peninsula Tenpin Bowling Association on December 7th, 1955.

The Women’s Association was chartered as the Niagara Peninsula W.B.A on October 22nd 1979. In 1973 the Junior Bowling Association started at Midtown Lanes in Niagara Falls.

Effective August 1st 2004 the Men’s, Women’s and Youth Associations joined together and formed the present Niagara Tenpin Bowling Association.

The NTBA also hold a charter with the Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF) and the Ontario Tenpin Bowling Association

Member Services

  • Local Adult & Youth Association Officers combined Workshop
  • Canadian Tenpin Federation Member
  • Ontario Tenpin Bowling Association Member
    Men, Women and Youth bowlers from each Bowling House Certified by the NTBA
  • Annual Tournaments
    • Annual Seniors Tournament
    • Jack Erb Memorial Adult & Child Tournament
    • Niagara Tenpin Annual Youth & Adult Tournament
    • Association Scratch Singles Tournament
    • NTBA Junior Tournament
    • Local Association Singles & Team Tournament
    • Dominic Biamonte Memorial Hall of Fame Tournament
  • Local Association Awards
    • Honor scores posted on the Web Site at ntba.ca
    • NTBA Average Awards for high average
    • NTBA Awards Jacket or Plaque 300 Game once in a life time
    • NTBA Awards Shirt 800 Series once in a life time
  • CTF Honor Score Awards
    • 300,298,297 Game
    • 800 Series
    • 11 In a Row Awards
    • Please note that 300 Game & 800 Series are once in a life time award