The scholarship fund was established in 1996 by the Niagara Peninsula Women’s Bowling Association to honor a senior bowler in the Youth Bowling program (one female and one male) with a $300 scholarship. In the 2003/04 season the name was changed to the Gail Navarroli Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund was continued with the joining of the men’s, women’s & youth associations. In 2008, the amount was increased to $500 and in 2008 it was changed that if we have applicants of the same gender apply they will receive the scholarship but that one female and one male will take precedence.

A full list of application & submission requirements can be found in the link below. The full application and essay are due on the 30th of April each year to the Scholarship Committee. Best of luck to all applicants on the application process and in their chosen field of study.

Gail Navarroli Scholarship Fund – Application Form

Gail Navarroli winners