Criteria for Life membership in the NTBA is as follows

  • Must have been a past officer or director of the former Men’s, Women’s, or Youth Association prior to August 1, 2004
  • Must have served as a board member of the present NTBA for terms totaling 6 years
  • The NTBA Association Life Member Credit of $5.00 will be donated to the NTBA Scholarship Fund each year for all active life members
Women NameDateActive/DeceasedLeague2020/2021 Donation Made
Bechkos, CharlotteMarch 28, 2004YCT016NTBA
Bishop, AudreyAugust 1, 1997D  
Hicks, MarjorieMarch 28, 2004YCT016NTBA
Kay, MargaretAugust 1, 1988N  
Konkle, CharlotteAugust 8, 1991YPK032NTBA
Martin, SheilaAugust 8, 1982D  
McCormick, LindaAugust 1, 1997N  
Walsh, SharonAugust 8, 1986YFA007NTBA
White, NancyMarch 28, 2004YCT016NTBA
Men NameDateActive/DeceasedLeague2020/2021 Donation Made
Aitken, RollyJuly 10, 2004D  
Audet, PhilOctober 15, 1991D  
Bechkos, GeorgeJuly 10, 2004YCT003NTBA
Beck, ArnoldJuly 10, 2004YBW002NTBA
Bridel, DonOctober 15, 1991D  
Bryan, DougOctober 15, 1991D  
Carey, MickeyOctober 15, 1991D  
Erb, JackJuly 10, 2004D  
Grimaldi, RonJuly 10, 2004N  
Habjan, PeterJuly 10, 2004YBW002NTBA
Hand, AlanOctober 15, 1991N  
Kulak, JohnOctober 15, 1991N  
Malton, JimJuly 10, 2004D  
Martin, FredOctober 15, 1991D  
McCormack, GordJuly 10, 2004YFA007NTBA
McMaster, BrianJune 16, 2013YCT001NTBA
Middleton, GeorgeOctober 15, 191D  
Navarroli, SamOctober 19, 2008YCT001NTBA
Quattrini, AlbertOctober 15, 1991D  
Reichman, GlenOctober 15, 1991D  
Rivando, ValleeOctober 15, 1991D  
Schmahl, DelOctober 15, 1991N  
Shymansky, StanOctober 15, 1991D  
Whipp, EdwardJuly 10, 2004D  
Wolf, C E (Manny)October 15, 1991D